The garden is giving up the last of its green beans…I think

The garden that we are expanding right now for next year.


We are still getting the last of the tomatoes that are ripening as well as grabbing the last of the acorn squash, peppers and later this week will dig up the rest of the potatoes. Which reminds me to get some pictures of the new potato rack to share with you at some point…

We thought our green beans were done a couple weeks ago though we found and picked another ten pounds today.

This weekend will be a dehydrator weekend. We already have pounds and pounds of green beans in the freezer so this ten pound batch will go through the dehydrator. They’ll be great for soups, stews and even snacking.

We also picked a bunch of apples from a local 100 year old abandoned orchard a couple weeks ago. We made several jars of canned applesauce already and will now dehydrate the rest of those as well. With apples at super low prices at the store we are likely to get even more. We typically do a batch of plain apples and a batch of cinnamon apples when we can.

I love dehydrated apples. Nearly as much as beef jerky. Well, maybe not that much. 🙂 They are great for a snack, chopped and mixed in oatmeal, granola, whatever.

I’ll grab a couple pictures and share how we do it this weekend.

Having the garden and then the canning/dehydrating/pickling food that goes along with it are a couple examples of why I am so extremely happy for where we live and the lifestyle that we have. The skills that we learn and the effort we put in make everything taste just a bit better and certainly better for us!

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