Fire Wood cutting!

The first real post to this site absolutely had to be about cutting firewood!!! 🙂

With winter right around the corner and the first freezing temps coming in a couple days, we’ve already had the wood stove going a couple times this fall.

I try to get all of our firewood cut by the end of June and it is always a big job that I am glad to have over with. We need about ten face cord of wood cut, split and stacked which gets us through about 6 months of constant use. Most all the wood I cut starts as roughly eight foot lengths and I get it to sixteen inch lengths for my stove.

I separate wood cutting into two distinct periods in life: 1. before owning a tractor an 2. where have you been all my life owning a tractor. Here are the ways I deal with cutting before and after.

The sad life of no tractor:

I hate cutting logs on a pile as it just wrecks my back after a while with the constant bending over and tripping over logs, etc. My main goal was find a way I could keep all the logs at a height that I could be standing while doing the cutting.

In comes the wood cutting rack

A string I had on each end to make sure I was lined up for cutting

A nice pile of logs all cut and ready to be split

While this was a huge improvement, it still meant loading the logs into the rack which wasn’t a small task especially with the larger ones.

The happy life of having a tractor:

Here is how wood gets cut now. Simple process of using the forks on the tractor to grab several logs from the pile, making sure they are lined up to my super fancy 2×4 guide and then lift it to whatever height is most comfortable. Load as many on as you like and start cutting.

This means handling the logs less which is a bonus on top of not having to play log pile boy bending over cutting. I get through cutting the wood so quickly that it has turned back into something I enjoy doing.

I have more on the firewood topic (woodshed design and a chainsaw chain that is fantastic) that I’ll get to in other posts though I promise this isn’t the wood cutting blog. 🙂 Many other things in these woods to talk about.


That’s it – first post behind me. Hope it was worth your read.

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