First freeze coming and other ramblings

Tonight will be our first freeze. Really puts some urgency behind the winter preps. There really isn’t much left to do, but every little task seems more important to get done.

In reality, we likely have many weeks left of outside workable conditions but winter marks the end of summer projects and is a bit more relaxed. You finally have time to do some reading, movie watching and putting your feet up. Oh, and cooking! Winter food is great. Great stews sitting on the wood stove all day makes the house feel even more like a home. Baked goods and other oven cooking you hate to do in the summer due to the added heat. And I am already thinking of some pies that will come with the winter holidays!!!

So, we’ll get the dehydrator fired up and finish up the outdoor things this weekend. The only downside to the end of summer projects is I’ll have to start looking at the list of things inside that I said all summer were winter projects. 🙂

Off to get the wood stove going and maybe an adult beverage!



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