Dehydrating and chores

The main job for the weekend was to get the dehydrator out for the ten pounds of beans and a bunch of apples. 

As I said in a previous post, we already froze a bunch of green beans for normal use. The last ten pounds we picked we wanted to dehydrate for use in soups and stews.

Easy enough job, just some cutting, blanching and the sound of the fan goign for the day. It took this batch about eight hours at about 130 degrees.

It is apple harvest time here, so they are pretty cheap in stores. Great time to get as much as you can for making some more canned apple sauce and then dehydrate a bunch for winter snacks and recipes.

The batch I have drying right now is just a mix of varieties but plain. The next batch I will get going today will be sprinkled with cinnamon. I would much rather have me or the kids grab a handful of these rather than some chips.


I also got the last little pile of wood split and stacked. I had taken down a couple standing dead maples a month or so ago and the cut logs have been sitting in a pile staring at me for far too long. 

With that, I have now retired to the comfy chair and soaking in my fill of some football.

Happy that my youngest and his buddy are out with kayaks fishing. I am so glad that the youngster is getting to grow up here and have friends that encourage each other to GO OUTSIDE rather than in a city and be in a mall or even here and just sit inside on their backsides. Now all they need to do is actually bring home some fish for dinner! 🙂

OK, back to football!! 

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