Spam….and not the yummy kind!

I have had this site up for a week or so now. I haven’t done a thing yet to try and push it anywhere….figured I would build a backlog of posts first 🙂

That didn’t stop the spam trolls! They seriously are like the scum on top of a pot of simmering beans you scrape off. Something you have to deal with for the good underneath but would rather not have to. 

I have to wonder what kind of person gets drawn into that line of “making a living”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I suspect there are some at the bottom of that pyramid that are just trying to put food on the table, but the ones who are building the automated programs to go search out targets is something else. They could so be using their powers for good rather than evil.

Nothing exciting today other than the job thing. Some turkeys went through the yard and had a good meal on the bird feed if you call that excitement? 🙂

Well….dinner is in progress as I type this out. Chorizo brats on the grill and some home made fried potatoes. Holy cow if that isn’t something to get excited about!!!

Take some potatoes, green pepper, onion and a jalapeno (all from the garden) and fry them up in some bacon grease. I mean, what isn’t to like about that!?!

This weekend has some wood splitting in store for the parents along with some further puttering around the house and yard getting ready for winter. I suspect we’ll get some more apples for the dehydrator since they are so cheap.

Have a great night!!!

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