All down hill from here

At least that is what the weatherman told us this morning…hope you enjoyed yesterday’s temp as that is the warmest it will be until Spring. Personally, I think he liked saying that a bit too much!

The leaves are making an exodus from the trees, you can’t even see the grass any longer. 

Only a few more things to do outside and I can say we are ready for the snow to fly. Not saying that I am actually ready for winter….

Some chores over at the folks house Saturday and then spend Sunday out in the woods getting ready for deer season. Deer or no deer, it is always a great thing to be stumbling around out in the woods. That can cure any stress I have ever had, at least for the duration of the walk.

I just got the wood stove going, and I’m wondering if this is the fire that won’t go out until Spring. It just might be the case if the weatherman wasn’t kidding this morning.

Happy Friday-eve and I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

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