Best gloves I have ever used

With this shameless product endorsement – I am not connected in anyway with the manufacturer. Though if they wanted to hire me as a glove model and pay my loads of cash and give me free gloves for life, I would have to put pride aside and accept. 🙂

With the above said, I wanted to share with you the most fantastic work anything gloves I have found. The Showa Atlas 451 are technically liner gloves, but I use them as they are. The are soft cotton with the palm side (including fingers) dipped in rubber.

I really do use them for most everything. Anytime I am on the tractor or using the chainsaw, firewood handling, equipment work…anything.

I use them in the summer and winter. They never bother me for getting too hot in the summer, though they are not winter gloves for long duration use. I can do the snow plowing for 45 minutes or so, but then it is time for something more.

One of the nice things about them is that they have no seams to rub or be uncomfortable after time.

I have a pair of them just about everywhere: every vehicle, shop, wood rack, etc. As inexpensive as they are, I never mind having several pairs around.

Being I am frugal cheap I have been known to put them through the washing machine with my chores clothes if they get to soiled. They hold up just fine for a wash or two. I don’t put them in the dryer however.

If you see them in a store or take the risk of buying a dozen, try them out. I can’t imagine you’d regret it.

I buy them a dozen at a time which comes to under $3 a pair. Here is a link where you can find them on Amazon. I typically wear XL gloves, but I buy these in Large so they are nice and snug for dexterity.

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