Sunday ramble

The wood stove is the best thing about morning. A warm house in the morning without thinking about a gas or electric bill, put a couple logs on it and let it come back to life for the day.

Before heading outside, cooked up some oatmeal with dried cherries and brown sugar. Yummy. It is about one of the simplest breakfast you can make, but also one of the best…especially if you load it up with stuff!

It is supposed to warm up to the upper 40’s today so we’ll be out cleaning up the garden. Probably get a fire going in the pit so we can burn up some of the garden plants that had any sort of disease look to them. You don’t want to compost those and I don’t like just dumping them out in the property somewhere.

I have some manure to get into the garden area as well. Not sure I’ll be spreading it around today as I can already feel my chair and football calling my name. 🙂 At least I will move the pile out of the yard and into the garden. Spreading it can wait.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and has a chance to put their feet up for a bit!

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