Thinking about SPAM

A little while back I was frustrated with the amount of Spam comments I was getting so soon after building this site. Well, that is now fixed after using a spam blocker – thank you, thank you, thank you.

But, I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since. And, oh yes, I am talking about that fantastic, kept in a secure metal vault, good on its own or with groupie tag-along ingredients, keep you safe when all the world is collapsing around you SPAM canned meat!!!

Scoff and gag all you want, but SPAM is about the most perfect food one can shake out of a can! I love the stuff and cook with it every other weekend or so for a good breakfast before heading outdoors. All I have to do is ignore the looks on the faces around the house as I am cooking with it.

My mouth is watering right now just thinking about a skillet with some diced fried SPAM, potatoes, onions, maybe a jalapeno and whatever spices my hand happens to grab.

Did you say eggs? Oh my, thank you for the great idea! Yes, take that heavenly diced fried SPAM with onions and peppers mixed in with your scrambled eggs….oh Lord!

I don’t care what you say, you are not going to ruin my daydreaming going on here.

Cut it into “links” and serve it next to some pancakes? Oh heck yeah!

Grilled SPAM and cheese…I am oozing out of my chair just thinking about it.

I love smoking different meats….I wonder….hmm….well I know what is going to be happening this weekend. Holy can-o-SPAM I might have a championship in the making here!

OK. I need to stop before this gets out of control.

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