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I love books. I don’t have nearly the time to read them as I would like and even have turned to audio books more and more this past couple of years. It sure makes mowing the grass, splitting wood or plowing snow go a whole lot quicker when you have a book playing in your ear.

Before I get to the books, being I just mentioned audio books and using them while working, I highly recommend the 3M Worktunes hearing protection with Bluetooth. I bought them about 3 months ago and use them all the time while working outside. As I get older I am doing everything I can to protect my hearing (as I should have long ago) and with these I also get to listen to audio books or whatever while I am working.

Back to the books.

I was searching for a book on the shelves a few minutes ago and every time I do that it takes me much longer than it should because I start remembering the stories of the books I am scanning through. So, I thought I would make note of a few of them.

Clearly I was looking at a couple shelves in particular as the topics will be somewhat in a couple different veins. Maybe next time I will look through the cookbooks or rabbit raising section. 🙂

Here are a couple that stuck out that I really enjoyed for one reason or another:

Lights out by David Crawford

I’m not sure why I like this book so much, but it is one of my favorite survivalist type books. Likely because it had a lot of actual valuable information packed into it that you an see yourself doing. I’ll read it again in a couple of years and am looking forward to it.

Alas Babylon by Pat Frank

Another doomsday book, one of the first, and I like that this wasn’t built around a character(s) that was a survivalist and just went about execution of their plan. Rather a group of people that applied some knowledge they had and made do with it.

TheGift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Non-fiction book all about why fear can be a good thing and how your intuition and instinct can save your life. Anti-gun tone but easily ignored.

Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle

Classic book on end of the world scenario.

The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

I am surprised more folks haven’t read this. I love this kind of stranded on an island kind of survival book, filled with some interesting situations and showing how things can be worked through. I’ll absolutely pick this one up again someday.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution by Kevin Gutzman

I like this book. If you are wanting to learn about the US Constitution, this is a great resource. It also made me ever question any politician or lawyer who practices constitutional law. Creating difficulty and murkiness where it doesn’t need to be.

Woodcraft and Camping by Nessmuk (George Sears)

This is one of my favorite books to read since I was a youngster. While some of the advice given in it is dated (around 100 years old) it is packed with common sense and great attitude.

The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark

Another of my favorites. I think every boy and girl should read this book. It has timeless wisdom in it.

OK, now I need to get back to looking at the book I meant to in the first place! 🙂

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