This whole self sufficiency thing is just crazy!

Are people that strive to be less dependant on the world (well at least the so called “developed” world) and do more for themselves just looking for punishment or something?

Heck, if you want to heat with wood, you can actually buy the stuff pre-cut and split. There are people out there that will build fences for you. Need a woodshed, shoot no problem, someone can build it for you. Change the oil on your tractor, isn’t that what the tractor dealership is for? No one actually should own a come-a-long, as professionals have different ways to do that job!

Even when I was watching the game last night I was making out a list of things I need to get accomplished around the homestead for the rest of the week . And nothing on the list would be things that folks with their heads down in the “real” world would consider fun.

And maybe that right there is the key. If your goal is a more self sufficient lifestyle it can actually be fun. The work you put into it, the never ending  projects, the lists of things that need to get done. Using the word “chores” as an adult activity rather something that you assign to kids. It’s OK to call that fun, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Dropping a log on your toes is not fun to me. Nor is venturing out into the snow when you wish it would warm up to be above 0 so that you can load the wood rack  is not fun. Especially when you know for both items you have thermostat easily accessible in your PJ’s that you could use if you wanted.

It really comes down to if you have some goals in mind, an end state that you are striving for, then the path to get there can be fun. Even if there are some bumps and bruises along the way. Maybe in some strange way, they even make it more rewarding.

Not too different than driving to a long awaited vacation with the family. Car sickness, kids whining, no one likes the music….wait, maybe that is a bad example.

So it is crazy? No. Is it fun? Most of the time. Would I recommend it to others? Only if they have the desire to do it for themselves and for the right reasons.

Now, back to munching my dehydrated cinnamon apples and working on my list.

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  • Now, back to munching my dehydrated cinnamon apples and working on my list.

    Home made snacks when you could purchase them? What? LOL

  • Erik,
    When you state:

    at least the so called “developed” world

    I have to wonder what you mean. Very early modern humans lived in trees and makeshift shelters. Their next development was moving into natural caves, where they developed fire to keep off the chill, and learned to use skins for cover and warmth and where they hunted for small game and gathered edible plants. Eventually they learned to propagate plants and raise animals for food, constructing huts that were warmer and drier than those caves. Each new technique and the study of those techniques (e.g., technology) placed segments of the population farther away from their roots; but, made live for the masses overall better, safer, longer, and more comfortable. This was the beginning of the “developed world.”
    You must live in a weird world, perhaps in the city, where you can purchase precut firewood. I know this is sometimes done for people to have a bit for their little fireplaces; but, not in my real world. I think it’s perhaps the country mouse vs. city mouse attitude.

    It really comes down to if you have some goals in mind, an end state that you are striving for, then the path to get there can be fun. Even if there are some bumps and bruises along the way. Maybe in some strange way, they even make it more rewarding.

    For me and many of mine, the journey never ends. There is no end state per se., just a rewarding journey where one can learn and wonder and occasionally stop and reflect on how far you’ve come. Knowing that you can accomplish a task is half the battle, even if you later pay someone else to perform it for you. The joy is in the journey, which BTW in my case doesn’t include time off to watch others play games, like those who live in the “developed” world. I would rather be doing something constructive than watch others play a game, that has no real world consequences. While others played game this past week and still others watched those games, I was working outside, or in the green house, or getting ready to climb onto the roof to install a few new antennas for my communications equipment.
    Such are
    MY weekend musings, LOL.
    BTW, I think people get confused with the difference between ”self sufficiency” and ”self reliance.”
    Even the local Amish are only self reliant, and count on their community and the ”English” world for a lot of things.
    In the end, the real question is that when TSHTF, whatever that may be, do you have the resources, attitude, skills, and knowledge to come out the other side still intact? My training and attitude says that I think I can, and have experiences that show me what I can and have done.
    Now it’s time for a snack and some sleep.

  • Hey OP

    By “developed” world I mean the cell phone crazed, Starbucks on every corner, disposable lifestyles encouraged in the US in particular. “Progress” is another word used a lot to describe the path we are moving on. To me it is one of those times when you take in all of the advice and behaviors around you on “progress” and then do the opposite.

    For the pre-cut firewood, there is quite a business in the area I live in for just that. I guess they cater to the city folk who own cabins here, those who I guess are just too lazy to do themselves, and certainly those who are physically unable? And no, I don’t live in or near anything that could be considered a city. 🙂 I just giggled a little thinking I could be a city mouse.

    The “end-state” I am looking for is one where I have gained the skills necessary, built my land into and live more of a self sufficient lifestyle. Does that mean the work is then over or the learning stops? Certainly not. Does that mean I get to say mission accomplished? Not even close. For me it is a time to make new goals with a new end state in mind. All just steps in life. I am pretty goal oriented person and I have found for me personally, I like to set goals that I can consider done at some point so that I can set new ones to work towards. I don’t like working towards open-ended things.

    Watching some football in the fall and winter is my personal reward for as hard as I work throughout the warm months. Similarly to catching up on books I didn’t spend time reading in the summer. Around here, you get as much done in the summer that you can and you don’t spend much time on things that can be done in the winter (soap making, candles, indoor home improvements, etc.). And it also is the time where you get to relax a bit as well, hence watching football. 🙂 But to each his own, I would never tell someone they have to do as I do.

    Thanks again for the comment – great thoughts!

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