The critters return

With winter seriously knocking on the door, it has brought the cold and the grey clouds. It has also brought the birds back to the feeders though. We always have a number of them no matter the time of year, but this time of year throughout the winter the bird feeders need filling daily.

Of course with the birds also come the squirrels and the raccoons are likely to show up soon. No sign of bear since the spring though which is just fine considering they aren’t as easy on the bird feeders.

The family that eats together…

I throw out some shell corn for the dear every couple of days and they have been grabbing every bit. I have a game cam setup and so far we have 8 different ones showing up. Only one young buck so far though I suspect we will start to see a couple others as the winter gets on.

The youngster buck

One of the pictures had another animal not too far from the deer without them even noticing. It wasn’t very clear but had to be a fox or coyote. Of course I am telling the family it was a black panther or other predator not meant to be here. Hey, a guy has to have some fun.

The extra eyes in the background…

So, even with winter closing in and all the summer growth dieing off it is good to see the other life in the forest coming back closer to the house.

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