The reason I just looked at my medical prep books

The strangest thing just happened that had me a bit concerned for a few minutes.

Done with work for the day I walked outside to enjoy some sunshine and watch the dog stalk squirrels. All of a sudden my vision was a bit distorted like I just looked at a bright light bulb. Nothing serious and I figured I must have caught a bright reflection of the sun or something. A couple minutes later I was on full on “what the heck is happening to me” mode.

My distorted vision quickly turned into seeing a semi-circle of a kaleidoscope. I could not believe what I was seeing and it was only getting more pronounced as I stood there in confusion.

Being we live in the google age I searched on the condition and found that it fit what is called a visual migraine. And true to the information it went away after 10 or 15 minutes. Let me tell you though, that was a weird and worrisome 10 minutes.

Now that it is over and I am all educated thanks to Al Gore and the Internet, I thought this was a great time to grab my medical books from the bookshelf to see if they would have helped.

The two books that I have that came anywhere close were:

Neither of them used the word Kaleidoscope or talked about visual migraines. They did both discuss seeing an aura in association with a migraine.

Not surprising that a few books don’t contain all that is available to us on the internet, but they are a must have to me. I think everyone owes it to themselves and family to get some first aid training, get a (or a few) good medical book that they can easily access information, and practice.

Even now that I know that it is (most likely) nothing but seeing some weird colors and feeling like I am in the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey (shameless favorite movie plug), I sure am glad to have some medical training and information at my finger tips to keep cool while figuring something out and keeping panic where it belongs – no where around me.

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