Monthly archives: November, 2018

The Potato Rack

Just a quick post to show the potato rack I built this fall. This year was our first year of growing potatoes to see how they would do here so we only planted a small amount. The good news is that they did really well and we have been using them up at a pretty …

The Yukon Passage

I came across a pretty good video a while back and have watched it a couple times since. I wanted to pass along in case you haven’t seen it as it is the kind of video that really gets me dreaming. National Geographic got four men together to recreate the trip many made through Canada …

Whew, rough last week

I hate to wish time to go by and often remind myself of that when having a bad day. This past week though has had a few bumps in it and I am glad to be on the other side of it. I am thoroughly grateful that the election is over. That is not to …

Wednesday can’t get here soon enough

Not sure about you, but I am past tired of political ads on TV, radio and the mailbox. I think the amount of stuff coming through the mail is just amazing. I need to come up with some great item I can sell made from that junk. Maybe some sort of fire starting device so …