Wednesday can’t get here soon enough

Not sure about you, but I am past tired of political ads on TV, radio and the mailbox. I think the amount of stuff coming through the mail is just amazing. I need to come up with some great item I can sell made from that junk. Maybe some sort of fire starting device so you can get a job done and enjoy it.

Of course the talking heads won’t stop after the voting is done on Tuesday, but at least the ads will.

What a dirty business politics is. I can’t imagine the thought process that leads to actually running for state or national office. I can understand people having a desire, but to actually go through with it is something different. You know you will hear not only the things you’d rather not that are true, but the depths at politician hopefuls will go to twist and fabricate things is amazing. 

I’ll head down to the township office and get my vote in, especially for local issues. Head home afterwards and unplug the TV and grab a book I think. Read about it the next day.

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