Whew, rough last week

I hate to wish time to go by and often remind myself of that when having a bad day. This past week though has had a few bumps in it and I am glad to be on the other side of it.

I am thoroughly grateful that the election is over. That is not to say I am happy with the results by any stretch of the imagination. Is it even possible to have a country again where the government is weak and the people are strong? Where you get to keep more of your earned dollars rather than get what the government chooses to leave you with in a paycheck? All so that you can pay even more to it through the many taxes associated with what you buy?

I’m not sure of the answers to the above, but I am not holding my breath for a change.

We have had our share of snow now which will be here for the next 5 or 6 months. The wood stove has been going nonstop for weeks now. I’m glad I got the snowblower in good working order in the fall because it has certainly been used. So far, I am loving the change of season. It might be due to the images of ice fishing dancing in my head. 🙂

I am disappointed that I haven’t done any bow hunting yet this season, but that will soon change. Rifle season is starting soon and that will get a fire lit under my bum. I will be taking the youngest son out several times and then once rifle season is over I will be in the groove for bow the extended bow season.

I tool a long trek through our property this past Sunday just to get out and get away. There was enough snow on the ground and more falling without wind to make it a great time. There are few things better than being in the woods with the snow. Quiet, can see good distances without all the leaves and you get to see the many tracks of all the critters. Cheap therapy.

I just got in the latest Imprimis from Hillsdale College. If you aren’t familiar with them, be sure to check out the link below. I enjoy some of the articles and this months was a good one that I need to put some thought into. The premise is that the US is in a Cold Civil War. I won’t ramble on about it as you can read through it and see what you think.

America’s Cold Civil War

That’s it for today. Glad to be back in the saddle!

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  • Erik,
    I concur on the elections. We got to keep one good senator and my great house member; but, unfortunately we also got to keep the other senator who I finally got to vote against, LOL.
    Can I ask in general where you live? Here in Ohio we’ve only had a dusting of snow; but, deer archery (bow & crossbow) has been in since Sept. 29 and runs to Feb. 3. We have no rifle season; but, the 2018 ”gun” season runs from November 26 to Dec. 2 and Dec. 15-16. We can use shotguns with single projectiles, specific caliber handguns, and rifles in those same handgun calibers.
    The Imprimis article was very insightful, and I too often forget to check out their offerings.
    Good luck on your hunt.

    • Hey OP

      I live in Northern Michigan. Our bow season starts 1 Oct and runs through the end of the year generally. Our rifle season starts (tomorrow) 15 Nov and lasts for two weeks.

      So I have plenty of time to get some of both in. Just need to MAKE the time is what it often comes down to. As it is with so many things.

      Where I live is in the middle of a snow belt which receives significant lake affect snow. The radar can look great except for the bands of snow coming in from Lake Michigan. Drive 5 miles North or South and it can often be a very different situation.

      Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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