The Potato Rack

Just a quick post to show the potato rack I built this fall.

This year was our first year of growing potatoes to see how they would do here so we only planted a small amount. The good news is that they did really well and we have been using them up at a pretty steady rate.

Next year we will plant a whole lot more.

We have a basement that we keep nice and cool all year (naturally) that works great for storing potatoes. All I needed was a rack to store them on.

First, when I build things, I over build them. This is not me bragging or being proud of it – just a fact that I have come to know about myself. 🙂

This rack that I built I used all 2×4 material as I had a bunch left over in lengths that worked. When I build another one I would like use mostly 2×2 materials.

For the shelves I cut a groove into the 2x4s and slid in hardware cloth. I then used a Kreg jig to screw the 2x4s together and then using my air stapler, stapled all around the perimeter where I had slid the hardware cloth in the 2x4s to keep it nice and tight.

Like I said, next time I will use more 2x2s so I will get more shelves in the same amount of space. But so far it has been working great and will make a good model to build future ones from.

I have seen many stacking models, but since we plan to grow different types of potatoes, I wanted to be able to slide shelves out and get whatever I wanted from any shelf.

Now I need to go cook up some fried potatoes and bacon…..yum!

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