Into the woods we go

Tomorrow is the first day we actually get to head out and spend some time in the woods to do some hunting.

Deer or no deer it is going to be a great day. There are few things better than getting to unplug from everything and go be a part of nature for the day.

You know you are doing it right if a chipmunk or squirrel almost climbs on you. Though I have never been able to let them get actually on me before shooing them away. Those little buggers creep me out when they get too close. 🙂

Anyhow, the rifles are sighted in. The spot is picked out. The clothes are ready. Bacon is thawing in the fridge for breakfast.

I’m looking forward to getting the meat grinder out and best yet some tenderloins on the bbq for dinner (could be a reason for bacon twice in one day). Though I might be getting ahead of myself as the main ingredient is still yet to be had.

I hope you have a great Saturday. Pick up a book and shut off the electronics for a spell or go sit outside for a while with a handful of seeds and see if you can’t get a bird to land on your hand. If you happen to be in my neck of the woods, spook the deer in my direction!

Oh, I almost forgot. We noticed that a couple of the nearby lakes  are already frozen over! I might be imagining things but that seems a few weeks earlier than last year. Now the ice fishing dreams are really going to start kicking in.

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