The pressure is off!

I look forward to deer season as it means I get the chance to stock up the freezer with some meat that I know where it came from and how it was handled on its way to some packaging.

My youngest got his first deer tonight which means the pressure is off for getting one one its way to some butcher paper! Very happy for him and for the freezer. 🙂

He did a great job being patient for a clean shot that took the animal down immediately.

Thirty minutes or so before we were going to have to call it for the night, I heard his breathing rate suddenly change. And then I heard him take the safety off his rifle. I had a tree right in front of me so I couldn’t see anything to get excited about but could tell by his breathing that there certainly was something!

I then saw a small doe and asked him if there was another deer that I couldn’t see. He whispered there was two of them. After peering around the tree I then saw a 6 point buck of good size and realized why he was getting all excited.

I whispered to be patient and let him turn for a good shot. About 3 seconds later I almost jumped off the ground when he fired. I guess I expected him to ask if it was ok to shoot or something. Clearly he was confident in his decision and shot and took it. And that is a great thing.

Now it is all about getting it butchered up, wrapped up and into the freezer. On second thought, I need to go get some pork fat so I can get the meat grinder working us up some wonderful sausage.

I think we will have some tenderloins on the BBQ tomorrow!

And this another example of how I continue to justify having a tractor on the homestead. LOL.

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