About FiW

So what the heck is Falling in Woods? Who is behind this weird name?

Glad you asked!

Falling in Woods is a name for how I feel about where I live and the life I get to have here. I love living on our (growing) homestead out in the woods. I love the things it allows me to do and just as important, don’t do.

So, it is kind of like Falling in Love…but with the woods….or in the woods…or something like that. Falling in Woods means something to me that maybe I can’t explain very well though I hope you maybe pick up on it as I use this site to share some of what we do here and hear from you on any similar experiences.

Who am I?

I am just a guy of no special backstory. I was going to say normal, but I’m not sure if there is such a thing these days and if I would fit into that category.

I have a great family and friends that for some reason put up with me. We have fun and we work hard. I’m looking forward to sharing stories of projects and fun we have and likely plenty of “whatever you do, don’t do it this way” and the occasional “wow, that worked out good!”.

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