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The Potato Rack

Just a quick post to show the potato rack I built this fall. This year was our first year of growing potatoes to see how they would do here so we only planted a small amount. The good news is that they did really well and we have been using them up at a pretty …

Sunday rambling

Sunday morning is here along with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. I’m going through my routine of trying to be quiet in the house while others are sleeping and I catch up on some reading on various websites. I made some *cornmeal mush yesterday that I’ll cut into slices this morning and …

Sunday ramble

The wood stove is the best thing about morning. A warm house in the morning without thinking about a gas or electric bill, put a couple logs on it and let it come back to life for the day. Before heading outside, cooked up some oatmeal with dried cherries and brown sugar. Yummy. It is …