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Gear I like and have used personally

Browsing my book shelves

I love books. I don’t have nearly the time to read them as I would like and even have turned to audio books more and more this past couple of years. It sure makes mowing the grass, splitting wood or plowing snow go a whole lot quicker when you have a book playing in your …

Sunday rambling

Sunday morning is here along with a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. I’m going through my routine of trying to be quiet in the house while others are sleeping and I catch up on some reading on various websites. I made some *cornmeal mush yesterday that I’ll cut into slices this morning and …

Let it snow! (And keep the lights on)

It snowed for the first real time off and on throughout the day today and while I am usually not the most excited person (read that as I usually slink around cursing it) in the house about snow and winter, I was actually happy to see it. ****Side note: Being I work from home, there …

Best gloves I have ever used

With this shameless product endorsement – I am not connected in anyway with the manufacturer. Though if they wanted to hire me as a glove model and pay my loads of cash and give me free gloves for life, I would have to put pride aside and accept. 🙂 With the above said, I wanted …