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To the city I must go

I just found out that I will need to make a trip in the next few weeks to work from the main office of the company I work for. I’ll need to be there for the week and I am dreading it like an overdue dentist appointment. I lived in the city for several years …

This whole self sufficiency thing is just crazy!

Are people that strive to be less dependant on the world (well at least the so called “developed” world) and do more for themselves just looking for punishment or something? Heck, if you want to heat with wood, you can actually buy the stuff pre-cut and split. There are people out there that will build …

Dehydrated food – purchased

Being we live out away from town and it can snow like crazy here from time to time, I always like to have some food on hand that I have put away and don’t have to worry about. Not to mention should the job situation change abruptly and some extra food bought and paid for …

Let it snow! (And keep the lights on)

It snowed for the first real time off and on throughout the day today and while I am usually not the most excited person (read that as I usually slink around cursing it) in the house about snow and winter, I was actually happy to see it. ****Side note: Being I work from home, there …