Meat in the freezer

(meant to be posted this past weekend…oops)

We now have our first deer all put away in the freezer with a roast in the refrigerator for dinner tomorrow. 

For this deer, I took away three roasts of all around 3 pounds, back straps are ready to make butterfly steaks out of and lastly we have 30 or so pounds of different bulk sausage and also a little just plain ground.

It is back to work on Monday and then a business trip coming up, so I won’t make it back out hunting for a couple of weeks. I’ll take the bow out and we’ll get one more deer and that will be plenty for us.

We had a good but busy Thanksgiving with family and friends all coming over for dinner. Having the house full of people is a good thing and lets you be under the same roof with so many things you are thankful for.

Being I am about to head out of town for a bit, I am going to get my things together from my get home bag that I plan to travel with. I’ll get a post going to show what I came up with.

I hope you have a great rest of Saturday and Sunday!

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