Sad and unfamiliar to the USA in a couple centuries

I read this article and my first thought was how sad it was.

To have a country in Europe, a member of the EU, state that the US is the only real guarantee of security for Europe must be embarrassing to the nations there.

First, I hope that is just the one persons opinion and not the real state of things, though I don’t think that is the case at all. Aside from the UK and possibly Israel, I doubt many of the countries there actually feel truly secure from any invader or threat.

What a sad position to find yourself in to be reliant upon another country’s generosity to provide you with security. It would be like me relying on my neighbor to save my family. While I would love if my neighbor showed up to help out, it is not part of my defense plan.

I am all for the EU building a military capable of their defense. All the more possible for the US to pull back the bases and the crazy expense incurred in that.

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