Just a rant

I work remotely and am on conference calls almost all day. I see some of the people I work with in person a few times a year and some people I have never met in person though I have talked to them for years.

I watch and read the news daily and see elected people talk their big talk and write their scathing op-eds in the papers. I see “analysts” and “experts” weigh in (trash talk) on things. I see people write vile comments on articles and giving their thoughts on things on the news programs.

What does my work and the news have in common?

A bunch of people talking real big while hiding behind a phone or newspaper/webpage/camera.

I promise not to rant many times here, but I am so sick of a bunch of snowflakes melting down and behaving like they are ten foot tall and bullet proof.

I can’t go a day without being in contact with something where I think there is no way that person would be saying what they are if they were actually in front of the person in actual life.

This isn’t some message about respecting people or being more civil. This is about if most of these people behaved the way they do when hiding behind something when they were actually in front of the person, they would probably be put down. I am sick of people believing they can behave like the undisciplined, unprofessional babies that they are.

Now, I have not been on this earth long enough to say that it wasn’t this way 70 years ago, but I have been around long enough to know that people behave differently in person than they do over a phone.

If you start screaming at me in person, I am going to deal with you as a threat. Which likely means me sending flowers to your spouse. If you are going to be threatening with your behavior, I will deal with you as a threat.

This is what keeps balance. Behave like an adult/professional and you should be treated as such. Behave like a terrorist and be treated as such. Same thought process with all the nonsense politicians. They scream and threaten and talk tough in their safe space of the media. You don’t see them doing that when in front of the person they are railing on. Of course not, they are usually shaking hands and patting each other on the back. What a sad display for young people. Act however you want without consequence. Then someone gets bullied in real life and it is national news. What BS

Rant over. My blog, my prerogative to rant once in a while. 🙂

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